Men's Abbey

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Men's Abbey

Men's Abbey: a must-see during your stay in our hotel

Men's Abbey: here lies the invinc

Here lies the invincible William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England, founder of the house who died in the year 1087.” When you enter through the doors of this monument of Roman art, you enter into history. This abbey was founded as a consequence of Pope Leon IX interdiction of the marriage between Matilda of Flanders and the Duke of Normandy whom he considered to be too closely related. Pope Nicolas II granted his pardon on condition that the couple founded four infirmaries and two abbeys. Matilda founded the Abbaye aux Dames (‘Women’s Abbey’) and William the Abbaye aux hommes (‘Men’s Abbey’), a historic and architectural masterpiece that you must explore during your stay in Caen.

Found at : The Men's Abbey is just 10 minutes from the ACE Hotel Caen Nord Mémorial.

Men's Abbey
Esplanade Jean-Marie Louvel
14000 Caen